Ash is Cheidi Brightstar's familiar, an efreetkin. He appears as a 10 inch tall humanoid with skin the color of heated bronze. He wears pantaloons, a waist sash, and vest with the numbers 451 stitched in the back. The colors of these items will change from time to time to match Cheidi's outfits. In addition to the abilities outlined in the compendium, Ash is capable of cantrip level fire/smoke magic. He is also able to gain a basic understanding of liquids within any container which he inhabits while in his passive form.

Efreetkin The fires glowing from within an efreetkin’s blackened flesh hint at the malice these servants hold for natural creatures.

Speed 8 Constant Benefits Friend of Flames: You gain resist 5 fire. Active Benefits

Gift of Flame (fire): When you use an arcane daily attack power, one enemy adjacent to the efreetkin takes fire damage equal to 3 + your Constitution modifier.

Elemental Conduit: Once per encounter, you can use your familiar’s space as the origin for a close arcane attack power.

Published in Heroes of the Elemental Chaos, page(s) 108.

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