The Kedran force assigned to Fort Vickery under the command of Brigadier Hawthorn are divided into four platoons of 50 men each. The majority of the soldiers are human males, but there are some exceptions. Each platoon is divided into four squads of 10 infantrymen, 1 Corporal, and 1 Sergeant. Three squads will be made up of Armsmen, with the fourth made up of Swordsmen.

The platoon is lead by a Lieutenant and a Warrant Officer. The Lieutenant and the Warrant officer are adventuring class individuals, preferably one of which has spell casting ability.

The four colors assigned, by tradition, to the platoons are the four colors used on the Kedran flag. Within each Platoon the squads are similarly denoted. Each infantryman wears an armband while on duty showing his platoon color with his squad color as a edge. In additon, Brigadier Hawthorn has a personal staff of 10 Swordsmen, each of which is ranked as a Corporal. These soldiers wear an armband bearing the Kedran Flag when on duty.

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