The Angier Brother Company of Sellswords is an adventuring company operating in The Wild Lands. They have a permanent encampment 3 days north northeast of Fort Vickery, built under a bridge on the ancient road north. They have hired a small tribe of kobolds to act as a "tripwire" security force (including tabards marked with concentric circles).

The Angiers are working on a long term assignment for a powerful patron who has been refered to as "The Prince." They have at one time asked the Vickery ODF to go on an adventure in the reclaimed lands. The focus of the adventure was information concerning a crystal cube holding a black moth.

The two Angier brothers, Albert and Rupert, are identical twins who share the role of leader for the group, though Rupert is the more gregarious of the two. Albert is a mace and shield style heavy fighter, and Rupert is a vestige pact warlock. Both are 8th level.

Their party tracker is "Fluffy", a gnoll ranger. Fluffy understands common but does not speak it himself. He has a hyena named Shar-Gar. The two of them have also atracted a small pack of hyenas to protect their encampment. Due to Fluffy, all the members of the group have learned to speak Abyssal, which has given them a fairly secure tactical language.

Their party rogue, in the truest definition of the word, is Ekaila, a half-elf rogue. Ekaila is a specialist at going where she's not welcome and moving unnoticed. Her feat and power selection have been focused on her crossbow. Ekaila has an unrepentant joy of life, and the only morals she's ever laid claim to were looted off somebody's corpse. Ekaila considers Fluffy to be her best friend.

The last member is Hoardar Stonescrag, a dwarven artificer. The most notable aspect of Hoardar (besides his much maligned Lullaby Throwing Hammer +1) is the fact that he carries a Bag of Holding for the express purpose of having enough beer on hand. Of course he brews his own.

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