The Bellwaite House, managed by Ruben Bellwaite, is a one story longhouse acting as a Inn in Vickery, but most of the time it is used as short-term housing for caravans of settlers organizing the establishment of new settlements. As a result, the Bellwaite House has been heavily subsidized by Arde Mayhew.

The building has large simple rooms more suited for housing families than for luxury, it also has a large pseudo livery attached for getting wagons ready to caravan out.

Ruben Bellwaite is a short, broad man with a bald head and a prodigious curly black beard. He has staffed the inn with four pairs of newlyweds who are each trying to save up enough money to buy into the chartering of a new community. Arde has indicated to all of them that if he is impressed with their work at Bellwaite, he might be willing to invest with them as innkeepers in their new communities.

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