Tolitown is a ramshackle town of 6 to 7 hundred people of almost every humanoid race, whose primary business is the buying and selling of information.

Tolitown is ruled by an ancient half-elf referred to as the Lord Mayor. The Lord Mayor lives in a private estate just north of town. He controls the town through the town guard, a band of adventuring class mercenaries led by a wereboar named Terrid.

The Broaken Heart Salloon is a large tavern centrally located in town where the owners/bartenders, a group of 4 dark skinned humans, are often willing to trade information for information. Interestingly, when Simi of the Vickery ODF dealt with them, they were willing to give information to her in return for permission to sell information about her, but they did not ask her anything. This implies that they already had the information but were waiting for permission to sell it or that they were asking for permission to seek out the information.

Fleem's Assorted Goods is a combination pawn shop and general store run by a family of goblins. The goblins are energetic and often disturbingly cheerful. The family is known for being meticulously scrupulous in all of their business dealings, behavior that it is rumored/implied can be traced to power magical contract with higher powers. The family is headed by a often referenced but never seen Matron. The goblins provided information to the Vickery ODF from an book that Gerald described as a massive index of logical symbology.

Artorius Mater is a professional scribe, sage, and notary. He has a small apartment and office above the goblins' general store. He has an orc barbarian to act as security and has shown himself to be deathly afraid of Ekaila.

There is also a small open shrine located in town dating from the early Widithey Empire. It is a circular pool surrounding a smooth curve of an island where people leave small tokens and gifts to which ever gods they pray to. The most central, and largest, item to be found at the shrine is a statue approximately 2 ft tall which vaguely resemble a humanoid crouched one knee pressing a hand or fist to the ground. It appears to be ancient, but in reality has been artificially aged to appear so, it is no more than 40 or 50 years old.

Tolitown is located 5 and half days East Northeast of Fort Vickery.

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