As the camp followers who stayed in the ruins outside of Fort Vickery got more organized and as Arde Mayhew began to arrange for immigrants to move north in search of opportunity, there was a call for assistance from the Light of the Sun, a paramilitary adventuring group sponsored by the church of Pelor. In their adventures to the West of Fort Vickery, they were losing a campaign against a group called the Hand of Naraash, and it had been decided to move civilians out of the area. As a result of this request, the Vickery ODF mounted an expedition to provide resources and assistance to the refugees. The refugees were able to give the population boost needed to change the area from extended camp into a town. The town, increasingly called simply Vickery, will have grown to a population of 600 by the Spring Equinox of the 24th year of King Minot's reign.

Buisnesses and Organizations[edit | edit source]

  • Knocking Boots
  • the DMO
  • Bifor's Lunchcounter
  • The Grange
  • Basil's Tinker Wagon
  • The Stormhammer Construction Company
  • The ODF Community Fund
  • The Bellwaite House
  • The Basin is a community laundry and bathhouse formed with the help of The ODF Community Fund, run by a half-elf woman named Vala. The present building is temporary, to be rebuilt in stone. The final plans will include a private bathing room, a sauna and a frigidarium.
  • Grandma's Socks is more of a service than a standalone business. Mirabel Felder, the wife of a tenant farmer, realized that the town of Vickery has more than its fair share of single men in need of mending. She sets up with a large basket on the porch of the DMO and takes on commissions, which she then hands off to any woman in town looking to make a couple of coppers.
  • End of the Road Cooperage is a cooper and wainwright owned by a pair of veterans of the Wedding Gift Alliance War, Zefram Thaide and Walden Potts. The two share a devout faith in Kord and often engage in goodhearted contests of strength. They are visibly the two strongest nonadventurers in town. They are the equivalent to 3rd level swordsmen substituting falchion and javelin for long sword and crossbow.

Townspeople[edit | edit source]

  • Aaron Isocara, a talented half-elf cartographer. Leads a group of almost 20 tasked with mapping the reclaimed territories.
  • Vanya, a female eladrin fletcher/enchanter who has proven to have a comprehensive supply of enchanted ammo. Lives in a cabin 1.5 miles out of town.
  • Basil, a half-elf tinker who spends about half his time in Vickery. In addition to the minor crafts that he is capable of, he also acts as a pawn shop. For those with the proper contacts, he is also a fence for the twins.
  • Marius Kaloon, the manager of the DMO. Marius is in his late sixties, hails from the capitol city of Dessit, and he exemplifies all the worst stereotypes of his country.
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